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Take time to relax

It's OK to procrastinate, waste time, binge watch Netflix or play video games - in fact, you owe it to yourself to do fun things on a regular basis.

What is a regular basis?
Ok, before you call in sick and break out the snacks I should clarify that it is OK to do this on a regular basis ALONG with your other stuff.

Planning is great but don't overdue it - I have a lot of tasks to do, so I break them up into areas. My current Dev task list looks like this

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It looks like a lot of things, but actually includes things I'll do in the next year. So if you plan your life with todo lists like this you have to make sure you include time for yourself. What you do with that 'me' time, is up to you.

Think of your life as a series of 'areas' that you want to focus on. At any given point in your life your FOCUS is different.

When you are young and at school the focus of your goals is to get through school
Starting work - you'll probably focus on your career
If you have kids, your focus will be on Family

It is your life and you choose where to spend your efforts - if you want millions of dollars, you'll need to spend most if not all your time on work and business which might leave little time for other areas. Find your balance, work out what you want to do and spend time doing the things that will get you there.

This balance should include Personal - this is 'me' time and it helps you recharge and be a happier more efficient person.

So make sure you leave free time and the occasional free day to do whatever you like.

Which brings me to my original point - slacking off is ok, wasting time is ok, and if you plan the rest of your day around work tasks, make sure you add some fun / lazy tasks as well. Keep the balance.

I have to go, got to get started on my Todo list for the day.

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