Changelog (What's New in LifePIM)

Recent Releases

1.1.4 (12-Aug-2018)
  • Bugfix - fixed issue with importing multiline calendars / notes, and warns you if wrong columns provided
  • images linkable to notes by img src and [img]
  • If you paste over 64,000 characters into a note you are warned it is too large
  • Tips screen - shows how to link images
  • export Notes to HTML - adds uploaded images and files to zip archive
  • Options screen - description to import notes now includes 'folder' column

  • 1.1.3 (7-Aug-2018)
  • export Notes to HTML - as part of the "Export All" you get a linkable version of all your notes for offsite use
  • Updated Tips page

  • 1.1.2 (27-Jul-2018)
  • new Support email
  • Updated Changelog page

  • Known Issues

    No current issues
  • If bugs are reported they will be shown here
    and a workaround will be provided
  • What is coming up?

  • better formatting on exported HTML notes
  • easier method to upload images

  • Tasks
  • Task due dates - when a task is due you can be emailed a reminder
  • recurring tasks

  • Previous Releases

    1.1.1 (17-Jul-2018)
  • added static help pages
  • register form now only requires email

  • overview page in v 1.1.1
  • 1.1.0 (30/6/2017)
  • added music player (Beta only)
    implemented color for notes
  • Release 1.0.4
  • 13/06/2018  82e185c privacy GDPR stuff and games as apps
    14/05/2018  9be41da games template (Beta only)
  • Prod Release 1.0.0
  • 27/04/2018  aa0c3b9 LifePIM Prod 1.0.0 release - before restructure of modules
    25/03/2018  37a145b note view page - initial cut, works
    28/02/2018  3884356 added EXPORT ALL - does all CSV into a ZIP download
    16/02/2018  4b09483 fixes to search - empty list, remove dupe results
    new notes layout in birdseye view

  • Beta Release 0.99 (for 2018 release)
  • 21/01/2018  46a8dcb First Beta version - works nicely
    16/01/2018  38e4139 adding marketing stuff and signup details
  • Alpha Release 0.82 (for 2018 release)
  • 18/12/2017  efd14ec Fav icon and progress on calendar nav
    17/12/2017  9abbbdd release 0.82 aplha - looking nice, calendar needs work
    06/12/2017  db46de7 rel 0.6 with working interface and security fixes
  • 2012 Interface Testing
  • .Net prototype built hand drawn website layout

  • Back to the drawing board
  • Testing several methods of managing notes with various layouts hand drawn website layout

    Playing around with tab layouts to allow access to your data with minimum mouseclicks

  • 2005 Windows version
  • Original public release of LifePIM was released in 2005 2005 Windows version of LifePIM

  • Original website from early 2000's
  • original website for LifePIM