effective date 22-May 2018

Who are we

LifePIM ( is managed by Acute Software (ABN 66 367 324 688) You can contact us at

What information do we keep

LifePIM is a "Personal Information Manager" for Life, and the purpose is to keep track of your personal information.
So, any information you type in, or load through API's or upload as CSV will be kept for you on secure, password protected AWS (Amazon Web Server) instances.
There are policies in place at Acute Software, PythonAnywhere (our host) and Amazon Web Services that ensures we will only access your entered information if you ask us to troubleshoot an issue. For example, if you upload a CSV file and it is not importing into the correct columns we have a service where we can clean the data and reload it for you.

Other Specific Information that we store

  • your IP address is logged on each webpage request (standard web practices), and these logs are deleted every 6 months
  • your unique combination of web user agent string and IP address is stored so that if you log from a new machine, you will recieve a security email making sure it was you.
  • cookies are used to make the website work, as you go from page to page, and these are deleted after 3 days (or instantly if you choose logout from the menu).

    What do we do with personal information?

  • your email address is used as part of the LifePIM features, and this can be controlled in options (things like notify me when a task is due)
  • In the near future we are introducing additional security measures so in the event of a logon from a different country/device, your email address will be used to notify you of this login.
  • your email address may be used to notify you of new features in LifePIM
  • your email address is never used for any other purpose nor shared with other companies.

    Export your data

    You can export all your data from

    Deleting your data

    You can delete your data at any time via the page
    This will permanently remove all your data (it is non recoverable so please export a copy for yourself first)
    The time you accessed the website, IP address and your user agent in the weblogs will be deleted as part of the normal web log deletion process after 3 months.


    You can terminated this agreement at any time and we can delete your data, or you can simply delete your data (which closes your account)