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Setting up LifePIM and importing your Notes

This article gives you a quick guide on how to setup LifePIM and import your notes.
If you don't already have an account, register yours at https://www.lifepim.com/register

You will be logged straight away, and you will see some sample notes. Feel free to delete the samples

Setup your folder list

By default you are setup with some standard folders to make it easy to group tasks and notes.

Folders are a list of text labels you use to filter LifePIM data, and to get started it is best to have a key folder for the most important areas or sections of your life.

Good short examples could be : Fun, Games, Family, Home, Car, Business, Study, Health, Sports, Work

and then you can add short specific names that are key to your life or are major hobbies, such as
Dev, Design, Gym, Electronics, Writing

If you want to have sub categories, simply add a hyphen to separate them, e.g.
Home - Renovation
Home - Maintenance

Adding and Importing your data

The quickest way is to get started and make a couple of key notes, some examples are

Home - Shopping List, Renovation plans,
Car - Service Notes
Family - Fav Foods, Present Ideas

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You can copy and paste into a new note, or import data as follows

1. Prepare the data you are importing. This means checking https://www.lifepim.com/options to see what column names are needed (the header of the CSV must have these columns or the import will fail)

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2. Import the data by going https://www.lifepim.com/options and choose 'import notes' link
After you upload the CSV file, click "add to Notes"

3. check your import - look at the notes and you should see the new data added, or look at the overview page and see the recent notes added as shown below

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If you want to try LifePIM, claim your account here

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