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How to Download your personal data from the cloud

Your personal data is often spread out across various cloud servers and this page contains notes on how to get your data back off the cloud servers to your local PC.

Before you begin - make sure you are doing this on your own home computer (ie don't do it at work or in a public place) as there is sensitive information which you don't want others seeing.

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Take time to relax

It's OK to procrastinate, waste time, binge watch Netflix or play video games - in fact, you owe it to yourself to do fun things on a regular basis.

What is a regular basis?
Ok, before you call in sick and break out the snacks I should clarify that it is OK to do this on a regular basis ALONG with your other stuff.

Planning is great but don't overdue it - I have a lot of tasks to do, so I

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How to build Software that lasts for decades

There is a saying that goes "Price, Quality, Speed of delivery: Pick any two." that sums up most of our purchases. You can get something cheap and quick like a McDonald's burger, or have a nice restaurant meal but you'll wait longer and pay more. Makes sense doesn't it?

This does not happen in the software world, and believe it or not, the developers are not the problem - we *want* to make software that is bullet proof, but the cost is too high and the customers won't pay 5x the estimate to have that level of quality, nor will the managers, who are pushing to "release next week!"

That may sound harsh, but it is business - people need things fast, and they can't wait a year to get a perfectly polished product, so they will get something that does the job with a few bugs and workarounds so they can get on with their business.

But what if you want software to last a long time - I mean a *really* long time, so that it is still running when you are in a retirement home - what sort of things do you need to think about in the design phase of this?

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Different ways to use folders to store your data

The type of personal information you keep is very broad - there can be study notes, ideas for a new business, plans for travel, shopping lists and all the general tips you find on the web. You wouldn't (or shouldn't) save all your documents in one giant folder and the same applies to your personal notes - there needs to be a way to find them easily.

Folders are a standard way of keeping information grouped together and there are several ways to use folders in LifePIM - you can try the methods below

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Teams - you need ONE person to maintain your data

Do you find it easy to get information for your team processes or companies products?

Many teams routinely go through a 'reorganise our information' process in an effort to combat this, and it often coincides with a change of manager or new worker struggling to work out how to do things.

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Setting up LifePIM and importing your Notes

This article gives you a quick guide on how to setup LifePIM and import your notes.
If you don't already have an account, register yours at https://www.lifepim.com/register

You will be logged straight away, and you will see some sample notes.

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Lets talk about data!

Hi, I'm Duncan and welcome to my blog! I'll be talking here (https://www.lifepim.com.blog) about information - mainly the sort of information *you* generate and how to get access to it, use it, secure it and keep it for as long as you need.

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Thanks for reading! If you want to try LifePIM, claim your account here - all standard features are free forever, so you'll always have access to your own personal notes.

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