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Easily manage and find all your miscellaneous information in one place.

A fast and secure place to store the Metadata of your life.

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Easy to use

showing notes from All folders
Everything has a place! All the random miscellaneous data you have stored in various places and on post it notes can easily be added to LifePIM. From there, you can browse your data, or find anything quickly from the Search bar.

Your data is private, secure and free from adverts

Your connection is encrypted with SSL and all data is managed by Amazon Web Services, so your information is kept private and secure.

We do not do any form of advertising or data mining - LifePIM stays profitable by selling Professional plans for businesses and advanced power users who need large storage spaces or more automated features.

Keep yourself focused using folders

Folders are a powerful tool to make organisation of your information more structured - anything can have a folder assigned to it, and you can call these anything you like.
showing Fun notes as cards Over the years, you will have lots of notes, and the default view shows all notes, like the example.
As a default you start with the following list of folders
  • Home
  • Work
  • Study
  • Business
  • Fun
    When you want to focus on something (like finishing a Work project, or planning a holiday), you can filter LifePIM on that folder so you only see those notes and tasks.

    The image shows Notes displayed as Cards tagged as 'Fun'

  • Search lets you work how you like

    Fast search finds everything in a flash!
    Do you like tagging things by typing TODO or IDEA?

    Search lets you continue working this way and you don’t have to change the way you do things - folders and filters are all optional, and you can continue to search for β€œTODO” from the search bar

    Formatting your text notes

    You can use simple markup commands to structure your notes with headings, code blocks, images and embedded video showing formatted notes
  • Headings: start a line with ##
  • Sub Headings: start a line with ###
  • links are automatically clickable
  • Code block: wrap in ~~~ at start and end
  • Images: prefix an image url with .IMG SRC=
  • Youtube videos: automatically embedded if URL entered on separate line

    Easy import and export

    When you register an account you have a couple of example records just so you can see how it works, and from there you can start using it, but to speed things up you can import your existing information quickly.

    Your data is YOUR data, so we have a single click export function that bundles up all your information in useful formats for importing to other systems

    Use the Search box as a console to add data

    You can quickly add your information by entering special commands into the search box.
  • /add = add a Note /add newnote
  • ! add a task !mytask
  • @ add Contact / URL add a new contact or website
  • ^ Add Calendar/Journal entry ^Spent $15 on lunch
  • ~ Jump to Folders ~ = show ALL folders, or ~Dev = jump to Dev folder

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