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Lets talk about data!

Hi, I'm Duncan and welcome to my blog! I'll be talking here (https://www.lifepim.com.blog) about information - mainly the sort of information *you* generate and how to get access to it, use it, secure it and keep it for as long as you need.

We all generate data - some of it we probably don't want to keep (like number of pretzels eaten by year) but a lot of it, we should keep (like insurance forms, tax return data) and then there is data we often like to keep (personal letters, screenshots of high scores, list of websites talking about [your-hobby] )
This data is scattered all over the place, and because of that large chunks of your life can be lost in the digital world.

Does it matter if you lose access to old stuff? Maybe not, but the choice of when to delete something should be yours alone.

What types of blog posts will be here?

This is the first blog post so there are no categories yet, but the general layout will be:

[Tips] - Tips on Information for general day to day use.
[Data] - getting into the nuts and bolts of a dataset or PIM application
[Tech] - technical post either using SQL, Bash, Python or other language

Who are you?

I'm Duncan Murray, owner of Acute Software and LifePIM. I love computers and data and have spent 30 years programming professionally.

Contact me if you have any feedback / questions or concerns - djmurray@acutesoftware.com.au or Twitter https://twitter.com/AcuteDev

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