Tips on using LifePIM

Adding Headings to your Notes

Add a heading to your note by starting a line with ## or ###

##Heading 1
text under heading 1

###Heading 2
more text under heading 2


Heading 1

text under heading 1

Heading 2

more text under heading 2

Fixed width fonts in notes (for code)

enter code blocks or fixed width text by enclosing with ~~~

print('hello world')

to get this
print('hello world')

Link to Images

Link to an image using direct html (src tag only) or forum format [img] Either method below works
  < img src=>
Responsive image

Use the Search box to run commands

By default typing anything into the search textbox will search your data as follows:
single word: find any object that
             contains that string

multiple words: find any object 
        that contains BOTH words

'_' : match a single letter 
   eg search for cr_ft with match 
   craft, cruft

'%' : wildcard between characters
   eg search for in%nt will return 
   invent, intent, etc

Certain commands added to the start of the search can be run as follows:
/help show this page basic help page
/add add a Note /add newnote
! add a task !mytask
^ add Event ^Meeting
/stat show stats eg - total record counts
~ Jump to Folders ~ = show ALL folders,
~Dev = jump to Dev folder